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Filing Annual Returns and Financial Statements - FAQ

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Filing Annual Returns and Financial Statements - FAQ

September is the month panic can set in as Companies suddenly focus on their filing deadlines for their Annual Return and Financial Statements. Confusion can surround terminology, deadlines, and signatures required. 

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) KomSec Limited receives from our clients at this time of year.


Annual Return Date (ARD) date up to which information contained in the Annual Return is made, e.g. up to 30th September.

28 days after ARD the Annual Return must be filed electronically within 28 days from ARD.

28 days after electronic filing the original signed signature pages must be received by the Companies Registration Office (CRO) within 28 days from the 

    date on which the Annual Return was filed electronically.

First Annual Return does not have to file Financial Statements.

Financial Year – A company’s first financial years end can end no more that 18 months after its incorporation date. Subsequent financial years must start

    the day after the last financial year end and be for 12 months, + or – 7 days.

Nine month rule means that companies must file their FS within a maximum of 9 months and 28 days of the end of their financial year, known as the 9

    month rule.

Financial Statements must be filed electronically before or on day original signed signature pages are received by the CRO.

Financial Statements size is restricted by the CRO to a maximum of 5mbs.

Signatures for Annual Return are one Director and the Company Secretary.

Signatures for Financial Statements must be typed.

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