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Happy New Year

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Same old, same old may no longer work. Take a few minutes on some of the easier wins, like ensuring you have key deadlines set in the diary.

  • Board Meetings –agree dates for all Board Meetings to be held in 2024.

  • Financial Statements – the financial year end for most companies is 31st December. Now is the perfect time to update the calendar to ensure all year end issues are dealt with and resolved (e.g. any remaining invoicing for 2023 work, decisions on potential bad debts, etc).

  • Auditors – if your company has to audit its financial statements make sure you agree an audit timeline with your Auditors so you are not in danger of missing any compliance deadlines.

  • Revenue Commissioners – diary VAT Returns and Corporation Tax Returns.

  • Insurance – ensure you have sufficient time to review of all company insurance policies so you do not end up renewing everything as usual just because of time pressures.

  • Clients – our best intentions to meet clients are often jettisoned as “work” gets in the way. Diary time to meet with clients in person, find out if their needs have changed, what can you do help them.

The very best of luck to us all as we start into 2024.

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