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Definition of a Charity Board Succession Plan

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 Definition of a Charity Board Succession Plan

A board succession plan is a document that sets out the process to be followed when a Charity Trustee resigns. It’s very useful to prepare for when a Trustee’s term limit is coming up or when a Trustee departs unexpectedly. The Charity Regulatory advise that a Trustee’s term should be no more than 9 years. They have recently issued excellent guidelines on Trustee Term Limits and Succession Planning, click here.

  1. Induction

  • Induction should aim to introduce a new Trustee to the organisation, aims, values and provide an overview of the challenges its facing.

  • Understand their legal duties, responsibilities and personal liability.

  • A visit to the Charity and meet staff, volunteers, beneficiaries (if possible) and Trustees.

  • Provide an induction pack, to include set of financial statements, recent minutes, copy of strategic plan and budgets etc. Further information on an Induction Pack from Charity Regulatory Authority here.


Check out the Charity Regulatory Authority Guidance on Induction and Recruitment here


2. Identify Skills Required

This will vary, most charities will need Financial expertise for example. You will need to consider the experience you need, for example do you employ staff? If so, you will probably need HR expertise and support etc. This exercise is very helpful when you’re considering new Trustees


3. Skills Matrix

Circulate the Skills Matrix and ask your Trustees to complete (tick under the skills-sets they already have). You will find that there is a broad variety of skills and experience amongst the Board. Once this exercise is completed, you can easily identify the “gaps” which will help pinpoint the exact set of skills you’re looking for.


4. Review

Periodically review the Induction Process (with feedback from Trustees) and also periodically review the Skills Matrix, which will need to be adapted with the needs of your charity and Trustee changes etc.



The Charity Regulatory Authority have excellent resources available on their website, links are below.

Succession Planning click here

Induction Pack Checklist click here. Induction and recruitment click here

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