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What Makes a Good Chairperson?

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What makes a good Chairperson?


The answer can lie in the eye of the beholder! Some people think a good Chairperson is someone who is popular or, agrees with the majority or, is on “your” side.


The reality is often quite different. A good Chairperson has to have at least some of the following basic traits in order to succeed in the role.


  • Takes time to listen and, just as importantly, makes time to ensure all Board members have an opportunity to be heard;

  • Summarises debates into a few clear and concise sentences.

  • Considers both sides to an argument or debate.

  • Keeps to a clear Agenda and timetable.

  • Does not bully or dominate.

  • Engages with the Board, Management Team and staff.

  • Ensure there are appropriate checks and balances in place, e.g. information provided to the Board, relevant Board committees (Audit & Risk, Finance, Corporate Governance, etc).

  • Makes people feel their input is relevant and valued.

  • Can manage shareholder interactions clearly and efficiently.

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Posted on Monday, 8 April 2024  |  By Marianne Higgins  |  0 comments
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