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know your numbers

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KNOW YOUR NUMBERS - PPS / VIF number – New filing requirements imminent…..


Reality – imminently (due to commence on the 23rd of April but a temporary postponement was put in place by the CRO) … all directors of any company incorporated in Ireland must provide his or her Personal Public Service (PPS) number or Verification of Identity (VIF) number when filing certain documents in the Companies Registration Office.

What is difference between PPS and VIF number – PPS number is available to any individual tax resident in Ireland. VIF number is established where an individual is not tax resident in Ireland.

Scam Awareness – this is new filing requirement has already generated publicity and offers a unique opportunity to scammers. Be very careful how you engage with anyone asking for your PPS number.

Why now - the requirement to provide a PPS number is contained in the Companies (Corporate Enforcement Authority) Act 2021 but, it has taken time for the technology and verification processes to be designed and tested.

Why is it required – the purpose is to add an additional layer to verify the identity of a director when filing documentation in the Companies Registration Office.

Is compliance really necessary – providing the PPS number is a mandatory requirement which means failure to comply is a Category Offence. It also means any statutory filings will be rejected which would have knock-on effects in terms of dealing with banks, losing audit exemption, etc.

Who sees PPS/VIF number – the person preparing the statutory form for filing will enter the PPS/VIF number. When filed electronically the PPS/VIF number will never be visible to any staff in the Companies Registration Office or members of the public.

What now – where the PPS or VIF number is not already on record KomSec will contact its clients directly.   Additional blogs will be issued as the process gets up and running.


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Posted on Monday, 24 April 2023  |  By Kathryn Maybury  |  0 comments
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Registry of Beneficial Ownership PUBLIC ACCESS – REMAINS DENIED

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In November 2022 the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) ruled that the rights of the public to access information on the beneficial ownership of companies was “a serious interference with the fundamental rights to respect private life, and to the protection of personal data”.

Whilst the provision of beneficial ownership originated from an EU Directive on Anti-Money Laundering the right of public access to that information impacts in so many different areas.

This is an EU wide problem as the bulk of Member States in the EU have established their own Registries of Beneficial Ownership.

Buying, selling, merging companies all include basic searches in the Companies Registration Office and Central Register of Beneficial Ownership. These searches are intended to support the information provided by the buyer, selling, merging entities and give comfort to all involved.

Would you be willing to consider buying or selling or merging with a company when you cannot verify details of beneficial ownership filed in the relevant EU Registry?

Despite immediate and widespread reaction against the ruling the reality means that for many companies throughout Europe their rights to access beneficial ownership details continue to be denied.

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Posted on Monday, 3 April 2023  |  By Kathryn Maybury  |  0 comments
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