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One of the potentially exciting effects of the CRO moving to a new digital platform later this month is that it will no longer be necessary to file original signature pages for Company Incorporations or Annual Returns.

Company Incorporations

The ability to replace the necessity to file original or wet signature pages when incorporating a company is particularly welcome as it should help to substantially speed up the overall incorporation process.


Annual Returns

The changes for filing Annual Returns will be twofold.

  1. Signatures pages for Annual Returns will no longer be posted to the CRO, instead they will be submitted electronically via ROS or scanned pdf.
  2. The filing deadline for submitting both the Annual Return and Financial Statements will be 56 days (replacing the current deadlines of 28 days to file the Annual Return with a further 28 days to file the Financial Statements).


There will be a lot to get used to for all users of the CRO but, if the new system lives up to expectations then the short term pain of getting to grips with all the changes should be well worthwhile.

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Posted on Tuesday, 15 December 2020  |  By Kathryn Maybury  |  0 comments
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The Companies Registration Office (CRO) is finally implementing its long-anticipated digital transformation this month. Basically, the current digital platform used by the CRO will cease to operate on 11.12.2020, and there will be no crossover once the new digital platform is launched on 16.12.2020.

The key dates relating to the digital transformation process are as follows.


*   7th December                                Final date for receipt of original signature pages for any forms electronically filed under

                                                         the current system

*   10th December                              Final date for receipt of electronically signed forms relating to Charges

*   11th December                              CRO will begin transition to new system

*   16th December                              CRO will launch new system


It will not be possible to access, search or electronically file documents in the CRO whilst the transition is put into effect between 11th to 16th December.



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Posted on Tuesday, 1 December 2020  |  By Kathryn Maybury  |  0 comments
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