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Key Dates 2019

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January 2019                                           

01.01.2019                                                New Year’s Day - last chance to relax before going back to work

01.01.2019                                                PAYE Modernisation

02.01.2019                                                Relax, you are one of the few people actually back at work

08.01.2019                                                Earth Rotation Day – commemorating Leon Foucault who determined Earth rotated on its axis in 1851.

                                                                Keep spinning!

28.01.2019                                                Global International Data Protection Day – yes more GDPR!

January                                                     Make sure you have set up dates for all quarterly board meetings during 2019


February 2019

01.02.2019                                                CAO applications deadline

02.02.2019                                                Six Nations Rugby England V Ireland



March 2019

17.03.2019                                                St. Patricks Day - one day in the year when everyone is happy to be seen in public with green face paint

                                                                and Shamrock Hats!

21.03.2019                                                Local Property Tax deadline – if paying full amount in one go.

3.03.2019                                                  Mother’s Day – do not give her flowers bought at the petrol station on the way home!

March                                                        Quarterly Board Meeting


April 2019

21.04.2019                                                Easter Day

22.04.2019                                                No groaning – you knew what you were doing when you eat all those chocolate Easter eggs

April                                                          Audit – make sure someone is actively managing the Audit which includes telling the Auditors!


May 2019

06.05.2019                                                Bank Holiday - May Day

09.05.2019                                                Europe Day


June 2019

03.06.2018                                                Bank Holiday

16.06.2018                                                Father’s Day

June                                                         Quarterly Board Meeting


July 2019

01.07.2019                                                International Kissing Day – why, what’s wrong with kissing every day?

02.07.2019                                                UFO Day – that’s more like it, bring it on ET!  


August 2019

04.08.2019                                                Single Working Women’s International Day 

05.08.2019                                                Bank Holiday


September 2019

30.09.2019                                                Annual Return Date for bulk of companies – panic or call us!

September                                                Quarterly Board Meeting


October 2019

28.10.2019                                                Annual Return – deadline for electronic filing

28.10.2019                                                Bank Holiday


November 2019

11.11.2019 – 15.11.2019                            Charity Trustee’s Week

23.11.19                                                   Pay first payment of Corporation Tax


December 2019

24.12.2019                                                Santa Claus is coming – go to bed

25.12.2019                                                Make sure the oven is on, and the turkey is in!

December                                                 Quarterly Board Meeting



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