Share Allotments & Transfers

Directors are authorised by their company members) to issue shares up to a certain authorised limit as defined within the Company’s Constitution. Issued Shares are the number of shares actually issued to and held by current member(s).

Share Allotment – allotting additional shares will increase the existing level of Issued Share Capital.  It is essential that the amount of Issued Shares does not exceed the number of Authorised Shares contained in the Constitution

Share Transfer - Shares are transferred by current Member(s) and does not impact on the level of Issued Share Capital.  Share Transfers can incur stamp duty, or have tax implications for the company or the members transferring and receiving shares.  Specialist tax advice is always advisable before initiating a share transfer.

KomSec Limited can draft the Resolutions required, issue the appropriate statutory forms and share certificates and update the company's statutory registers.