Minutes and Board Packs

KomSec Limited can provide a Company Secretary to attend and accurately minute meetings of Directors and Shareholders.

We ensure:

Board Packs should contain all items to be discussed at the meetings, and should be issued in advance of the meeting to provide time for the content to be reviewed and considered before the meeting starts.

Client companies with an individual acting as both Director and Company Secretary find this service of particular advantage. The combined role of Director and Company Secretary can be onerous at meetings as the individual juggles their combined roles and responsibilities.

Having an external Company Secretary attend meetings can free up the entire Board of Directors to facilitate a more informed and concentrated debate. It also ensures there is on the spot advice available to deal with compliance with corporate governance standards, responsibilities of Directors, and best practice is maintained throughout the meetings.

KomSec Limited can also draft Director or Shareholder Written Resolutions for use by companies in either Ireland or the UK.