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5 Reasons to do business in Ireland

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5 Reasons to consider doing business in Ireland


Photo by Stephen Bergin on Unsplash


1.      Ireland has been ranked as one of the best countries for business by Forbes Magazine.

 In addition, the IMD World Competitiveness 2017 Yearbook ranked Ireland; 

         - 1st in the world for investment incentives for foreign investors

         - 1st in the world for labour flexibility and adaptability of the workforce

         - 2nd most competitive country in Eurozone


2.      Native English Speakers

 Post-Brexit, Ireland will be the only native English-speaking member in the EU with access to the European Market of 500 million consumers.


3.      An unrivalled Hub for Foreign Direct Investment

 In 2017 Ireland was named the best country in the world for attracting high-value foreign direct investments for the sixth year in a row. Many of the world's   high performing global companies are doing business in Ireland including Google, Facebook, Paypal, Intel, Twitter, Pfizer, Citi, Huawei and Novartis.


4.      Well Educated Workforce

 Ireland’s workforce is well educated, flexible and adaptable. Ireland also has the highest proportion of science and engineering graduates in the OECD.


5.      Attractive Tax Regime

 Ireland offers 12.5% corporation tax and 25% R&D Tax credit and other taxation benefits. The country also has exceptional intellectual property (IP) and   holding company regimes.


For facts about Ireland, click IDA Facts about Ireland

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