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Engaging with Companies Registration Office

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Engaging with the Companies Registration Office


The Companies Registration Office (CRO) will recommence accepting posted submissions in both their Dublin and Carlow Offices from today Monday 6th April.

Practicalities of filing submissions with the CRO are summarised briefly as follows:

  • Post will be date stamped on receipt and stored for processing when they re-open, which will impact on processing times and access to information filed from 12.03.2020 until they re-open.
  • Documents delivered by hand or courier will not be accepted.
  • CRO offices in Dublin and Carolow remain closed to the public.
  • Limited services are available for Company Incorporations and Charges.
  • Filings can still be made online.
  • ROS signatures (if you have one) can be used instead of a signature page.
  • Company searches can still be made online but, may not refledt call submissions filed to date.

It is worth highlighting that one can no longer rely on standard searches. In the past, searches were esssential for checking status of a company (e.g. normal, strike-off, examinership etc.). The two main reasons for searching were (a) as a means of reviewing a potential new client, and (b) to support information provided to banks when opening accounts or taking out loans.

The CRO public office has been closed since 12.03.2020 which means submissions filed from 12.03.2020 until the CRO reopens will not be reflected when searching a company. Even when the CRO reopens there will be a backlog of submissions to get through. 

Remember though as with everything in our lives at the moment things change, so please check with us before filing or if you have any queries on the above. 

Keep safe and well.



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Posted on Monday, 6 April 2020  |  By Kathryn Maybury  |  0 comments
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