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Charity Corporate Health Check

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Charity Corporate Health Check

We are closing off Ireland’s “Trustees Week” with a Corporate Health Check specifically prepared for Charities.  These questions can be used as an indicative test of Corporate Governance for your Charity.  

You may not know the answers to all the questions, so check with your Company Secretary, Statutory Auditors, Accountant and other professional advisors who will be happy to help.

1. Charities Regulator’s Register of Charities – is your charity registered with the Regulator

2. Registered Office – is your charity’s registered office is correctly noted in the Companies Registration Office

3. Charity Trustee/Director – are you recorded as a Director / Trustee with the Companies Registration Office and the Charity Regulatory Authority.

4. Books and Records – are your Charity’s Statutory Registers, Board, board sub-committee and general meeting records held at the registered office.

5. Accounting Records – is the Charity using a “competent and reliable person” such as an independent accountant to maintain accounting records? The charity          should be able to measure its financial position with reasonable accuracy at any time.

6. Board Meetings – is the Charity maintaining Board minutes? Minutes must contain names of those present, in attendance, meeting proceedings and note any          resolutions passed. The Minutes must also be signed by the Chair.

7. Annual General Meetings – members must be issued with a notice of a general meeting and provided with a copy of the financial statements prior to an AGM.

8. Companies Registration Office Annual Return – are they being filed on time?  If your Charity is a limited company, it will have an Annual Return Date and is        obliged to submit an Annual Return within 28 days of this date to the Companies Registration Office.

9. Charity Regulatory Annual Report– all charities (regardless of size) must submit an Annual Report to the Charities Regulatory, within 10 months after the end of each financial year and depending on the size, should also include the financial accounts.

10. Financial Benefits of being a Charity Trustee – as a Charity Trustee, by law you may not profit from carrying out your duty as a trustee. You cannot accept a salary specifically for acting as a charity trustee nor receive another benefit (with the exception of being reimbursed for reasonable expenses carrying out your duties).






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Posted on Friday, 17 November 2017  |  By Van Geraghty   |  0 comments
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CRO Christmas Deadlines

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December is often a frantic month as everyone juggles Christmas presents and clearing their office desks.

KomSec cannot help with the Christmas presents but, we can help you clear any outstanding filing requirements you may have before Christmas.  Just remember, the CRO will not guarantee processing any submissions received after the following dates.


-  Company Incorporations                        11th December         

-  Change of Name                                       11th December

-  Reservation of Company Name             19th December


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Trustees’ Week: 13-17 November 2017

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Trustees’ Week: 13-17 November 2017


What is Trustees’ Week?

This week is Ireland’s first Trustees’ Week and is a nationwide campaign organised by the Charities Regulatory Authority and other partner organisations to celebrate the essential role that Trustees’ in Ireland play for the not-for-profit sector and to highlight the opportunities for all of us to make a difference and get involved.



The week will be supported by the organisations on the steering committee posting on social media using the hashtag and publishing a series of blogs about trustees, you can access these on the Trustees’ Week LinkedIn page here.



Please click on the hyperlink CRA Trustees' Week Events  for a list of events being held in Dublin and Limerick. In addition, the Charities Regulator will host public meetings in Limerick (November 13) and Dublin (November 15). 


E-Learning Module for Trustees

The centrepiece of these will be to showcase the new e-learning module for trustees (which will be hosted on, the Charities Regulator website).  There will be case studies from a number of charity trustees and a short presentation by Boardmatch Ireland on how to become a charity trustee. 



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Posted on Monday, 13 November 2017  |  By Van Geraghty   |  0 comments
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